Go home.
Eat cake.

Peace over the mind
Can do the soul kind,
But bind the soul and mind
And you will go far
All these nets you throw,
They do not phase me
Whether or not, I will not envy You
You do not belong ;
But it's a sad sad thing

Underneath It All
No Doubt
Rock Steady

A Tribe Called Red
Angel Haze
Dirty Gold

"I remember being asked a lot, by a lot of different writers, zines, and shit, like, ‘Why don’t you incorporate your race, your ethnicity, where you’ve grown up, into your music?’ I don’t identify with that shit, like, my identity is the music, everything you need to know about me is in the music: my home, it’s where I originate, it’s where I fall apart, it’s where I come to life.”

Hot Like Fire
Angel Haze

Same Love (Freestyle)
Angel Haze


Angel Haze is frigging amazing

Problem (Willy Moon Remix)
Natalia Kills x Angel Haze


"We’re hell-raising and we don’t need saving."

Fall For Your Type
Angel Haze


[posts this bc reasons; cries just cries]

Battle Cry
Angel Haze Ft Sia
Dirty Gold


New favourite song…